My all raids Youtube stuff

snake plisken vs mortie for fun

another fun mortie run

new thyla v rinchy for fun

some phorurex fun

Dr Strange vs indom for fun

I managed to beat Mortem with 4 Refrenantems. 3 level 26 and 1 level 27 all unboosted. It took several tries and depends on what the shield minion does in the 2nd round.

yeah its a hoot right :stuck_out_tongue: love ny old rupaul :stuck_out_tongue: next i,m goiung to try 3 rupauls and a Dr Strange (aka thyalconyx) becasue of the magic beam…

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couple of taco strike towers and Dr Strange takes on the team fortress medic raid :stuck_out_tongue:

couple of fun ones

snake plisken vs phorurex :stuck_out_tongue:

2 more snake plisken raids parra raid and hadro raid

more snakes based on another video i saw :stuck_out_tongue: