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My Alliance hurts me sometimes

This hurts, something so common, yet all in a Sanctuary.


Remember this, Sanctuaries is not “me, mine and myself”.


I would accept that if it wasn’t for all the members who put these Nunda in are all level 13-17. So they should be set with DNA. I also don’t have a real problem with it, I just thought it would be funny to gripe about it. They also started a Proceratosaurus Sanctuary too, so it’s not all bad.

Fair enough. But sometimes, even though Nunda is Global it’s quite hard to find.

I’m thankful to see it sometimes, it’s really easy to dart, so I usually use them to get my direct hits mission done faster.

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I can definitely understand too, since the recent change to Einiasuchus made it that much better to have.

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I only saw 2 yesterday in an hour long trip

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This is what I do between my 2 accounts. I pick one sanctuary and place the same dino from each account for the other account.

So I have Dracorex for my main account as I’m working on Utarinex, and Tenonto from my 2nd account as I’m working on Touramaloch.

This way I just have to care 3 times a day. It also helps when other members place these in that I can get that done just in two times.
I have lower level younger members who put the common things on for what ever reason.

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There’s only one reason, to get DNAs.

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:joy::joy::joy: that’s great

I’d be happy if they actually fed and played with the things they put in.

Imagine having a dino that gives 115 sanctuary points for each time you feed, interact, or play, other people put the same type of dino in the sanctuary with yours but no one touches any dino in there.

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