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My alliance is gone! What happened?

Around midnight last night, the alliance I was in suddenly disappeared. I thought it was a glitch but come morning, I was still not in an alliance and I didn’t get the alliance mission rewards (rank 4 and 3 respectively). I checked with my husband who also plays with me in the same alliance and it was the same with him. It also seems like other alliances are still there though and when searching specifically for the we were in alliance, it was completely gone.

Did the admin of the alliance suddenly delete it? Now I’m thinking of joining a new one or just start my own so I know it won’t suddenly disappear - never mind on a SUNDAY. However, I’d also like to see if this has ever happened to anyone else and if anyone has any insight on this.

Hey sirhin, it’s possible that your Alliance leader might have disbanded the Alliance. If you are having any concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to our team here at, and our team can take a closer look.

Thank you, Ned! I don’t suppose there’s any way we could get the alliance mission rewards? :confused:

You’ll have to be part of an Alliance for those rewards. :sweat:

I sent a dm, what a sad scenario. Easy way out for a leader that lacks regard for others. :confused:

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I dont think you can shut an alliance down like that without removing all players first? Maybe there was a purge?

If you guys want we need all the players we can Get! :slight_smile:

YNDORAPTORS - All players are welcome!

Kick everyone and disband. Easy way out maybe? Rage quit could have been part of why?

This is the first time I’ve heard of such a thing happening so chances are really slim of it happening twice.

If rank 4 and 3 why disband? I imagine that is a fairly common reward. Could be other reasons no longer in the alliance. Lots of players get removed sunday and monday. You see the most players looking for alliances that day and they are not currently in on. For recruiting purposes, active players are usually already in an alliance and need to be poached away…

There is only one way, as far as I’m aware, for an alliance to disappear and that would be disbanded. Why a leader would do that is a really good question for sure. A lot of 5/4 groups have only been able to reach 4/4 or 4/3 the past few weeks so maybe the person just got frustrated. Hard to guess, I feel bad for all the members left high and dry though.

I’m thinking not disbanded. More likely out of alliance for another reason. I assume they would have a lot of friends in their friends list from that alliance. Everyone on their friends lists has no alliance too? Why only one person complaining about it?

Maybe removed some players and changed the name?

simple question. alliance name?

I was afraid you’d say that, haha. Thanks, again!

The alliance leader did purge before, removing the bottom 20 or so players. He warned us all first. However, he was MIA after for weeks up until now… I wonder if that had anything to do with it.

The alliance in question was Indominous Nerds. :slight_smile: The leader purged once and gave all members warning of who would be removed (inactive, barely active). He went missing after though. Towards the end, we had 50-ish members but only half were active and another half of those played seriously. :confused:

I was okay as long as we went over rank 3 or 4 but it was getting frustrating.

Thanks for rubbing it in… :wink:

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I was wondering why I was the only one and I ended up bringing it here to get a “why.”Then again, my other half just let it go, giving up on it. He didn’t want to join an alliance that was TOO serious (even though I think he would’ve fit in perfectly) and he was tired of half of our alliance not participating and a few kept on demanding people to donate DNA so he’s taking this as a push to just have fun.

Our alliance never reached rank 5 from what I know, though that was always a goal. The best was 4 and 4 and we did get REALLY close once. I think it was just after the purge, another purge didn’t happen (maybe because the leader was MIA) and half of our members were inactive again.

Oh, well…