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My Alliance is Holding Me Back!

Stuck on Exploration Rank 2! 10000 darts seems like a lot though. Anyone else stuck here? Starting to wonder if it’s a bug as well. I feel like I’ve fired a ton of darts!

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Totally agreed. Although imo it’s not the fault of my Alliance in particular, since we easily finished the other missions…10000 darts seems more like a tier 5 missiom than a tier 2 one.


Yeah, we’re stuck there too. Getting close, though. We’re almost at 8000 collective darts fired!

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Alliance of 50 x 200 darts each and the goal is complete. Seems like a lot aren’t darting though. I shoot approx 1,500-2,000 a day on a WEAK day and last night my alliance was sitting at 5,800ish. I don’t think it’s an over powered challenge, but I do think it makes us aware of how few in our alliances just aren’t collecting DNA which is the number one point of the game.

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There are still 5 and a half days, why feeling so anxious?
The alliance missions aren’t meant to give every alliance rank 5 rewards. If you feel getting a top reward is something important, try switch to another more active alliance.

At rank 4 incubator it’s increase to 30000

Join a new alliance if you want the rewards. You won’t complete them in a small alliance or a large one if people don’t participate.

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It depends on the size of your alliance? If you have 50 players in the alliance and still stuck on rank 2 then I think you need to join a new alliance because that’s sounds like most are inactive. If you have a small amount of players in the alliance I’d say that is what is holding you back.

The alliance was full. I have since switched to a much more active one!

Looking to build an active alliance. Send request to TMNT of Ohio

Were on rank 4. Shoot 30k darts.