My Arena ideas

People are reaching the last arena easily. We need more arenas and I already have a few ideas.

  • Runway: 6500. From JP3
  • Auction: 7000. From JWFK
  • Camp: 7500 From Camp Cretaceous
  • Indominus paddock: 8000. From JW
  • Plane crash site: 8500. From JP3
  • Maintenance tunnel: 9000. From Camp Cretaceous
  • The penthouse: 9500. From Camp Cretaceous
  • 1993/ Jurassic park visitor center: 10k. From JP
  • T-rex encolosure (Jurassic park): 10.5k
  • T-rex enclosure (Jurassic world/Camp Cretaceous): 11k

I have more but I don’t want get too 50k trophy crazy.


I have an idea! How bout the ruined JP Visitor center from camp Cretaceous?



This would be amazing as an arena in the game, especially at night


It’s pre Jurassic ruins but yes I like that.

I do really like some of these arena ideas
I’d love i there was also an arena in the JP Visitor Center(Perfectly intact, after rexy destroys, or when deserted) or maybe the Jurassic Park San Diego Colosseum


You mean Jurassic park: San Francisco


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I meant San Diego

Old JP building as arena!!

This idea is really good

And what they fight on the ruins? Better would be before being ruined

Im up for the JP Visitor Centor it would be so great to have it, and the Camp ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh YES!

It is there in day format - Arena 8: Jurassic Ruins

Maintenance tunnel is cool!

I would love the san diego arena, just like the one we see in the jurassic world evolution trailer, it would epic when the trex roar animation start

Is the river raft from camp Cretaceous good?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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This also looks nice

minus the Brachiosaurus of course

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The Camp Cretaceous or Jurassic World/Park gates would be nice

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Maybe the North dock from Camp Cretaceous where the Ouranosaurs are

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Or Kenji’s Penthouse