My baby just became more valuable

Anky is still my bae and with this new bleed meta and tank nerf, it just became a lot more valuable to my team. B)

On a side note, might have to bring posti back on my team for a bit. Maybe bring my Suchotater back also.


Couldn’t agree more! Has been saving up the DNA n was still thinking whether to lvl up this dino b4 patch, but with the expected increase in facing DOT dinos after 1.5, its easier to make the decision now :smile:



Wow tats a high lvl Anky you got there, have you used it in battle before? Would like to know how does it hold against the uniques/high lvl lengendaries?

Mines lvl 20 and I have no plans to remove it from the team any time soon. I’ve sacrificed Alanqasaurus fusing to save the Anky dna all for my loveable cockroach.

same idea, different dino. Had stopped leveling dinos over a month ago. Accumulated enough Baryonyx to go from 21 to almost 24… worth every penny!

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I love my Ankycodon

Oh man I hope there is a special event for baryonyx in future, saved up over 900+ posti dna, but not enough baryonyx!

Permanent part of my team. It sends utarinex and dilocheirus running. If they try and stick it out - they’re done for.

Lol would be great to see your Anky in action.

So many taps to fuse 0_0

Just won another match with it. XD

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Haha this dino will definitely get its place in 1.5, now that everyone is scrambling around for immune dinos :smile: