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My badlands team

My early badlands team. What do you think of it?


If you get stuck and cant move up suggestion would be swapping edmonto for pachy or pteradon as a swap in.

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Overall I think it looks good though.

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Hmm i will try this.

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@Peach2 welcome to JWA Forum too.

Wow, a nodapatotitan in badlands? Not bad, I’d just suggest replacing Edomontoguanodon with pachy or pteranodon, just like @Lymonaide said

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Is sinoceratops good to replace Edmonton? Also, my 70% opponents have a legendary.


Yes! Sino is way better than eddie

I love the nodopato and nodotitan you have on your team , i wish they got more love and get buffs. but i’ll suggest diplo cause it’s the only good nonhybrid sauropod and maybe swap it for for emonto but overall fine team

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evil… how could you…

Jk i get it, eddie aint that great

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I’d swap edmonto for diplod too, otherwise looks good.

Ur eddie is nice, and I personally plan on leveling him up after I work on bajatandon. Eddie is a rly good in raids tbh

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forget baja, ive already leveled my eddie to 20, ready to go to 21. the only reason i havent is because Ned recommended a hybrid to the dev team!

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My plan is using sino And swap for veloshracos when i get it on event. Btw when alliance mission ends, i will be fusing indominus

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Hmm, if you can get some speed boosts on it, velos is better than velociraptor, but you would need it to be nearly the same level, which tbh is worth it. Sino would be too valuable to swap out, as swappers are a MASSIVE part of the meta.

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Ah nevermind I saw your rhino, yea swap sino out later

Yeah i work on level 10 for boosts.

My updated team. Utasino darted front weekend event. Working on indom a

nd stegodeus.

Hahaha he is not very good in pvp however, during raids he is a key player until bajatonodon is made.

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@Peach2 Looks good