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My battle lineup

How far into the tournament will this battle lineup take me and anyway I can improve it?

It’s not bad, but also not very deep, with a lot of grinding and maybe some DBs expenditure you may be able to sneak in to Dominator if you can watch the game for the last few hours. The team from the Diplosuchus to Koolasaurus may be able to give you 50-60% win rate.

I’m new so what do you mean by DBs and deep

DBs means dino bucks (green paper thingies) and deep means that you should have a LOT of creatures with the same ferocity of your top 3 or 4, so that your PvE isn’t imbalanced and you can play multiple rounds of tournament runs at once.

I’m thinking you can definitely finish in Predator, but to finish in Dominator would take too many DBs since I only see 2 teams with a good shot at winning Dominator battles and a couple of ok teams that might have a 50% chance or less of winning in Dominator.

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Oh okay that’s what you mean by DB and deep. Yeah I’m trying to make my teams stronger it’s just a very long grind that’s going to be needed.

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Okay so would it be worth it to fight in the tournament to get the predator pack.

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@Mr_Snaplles hi. Welcome to the forums. As for your question. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to finish in predator’s till the time you can finish in dominator. Since you can get 2x legendaries which would be great to build a legendary lineup.


I think so. You usually get decent DNA from the win wheel and two legendary that may help you from predator.

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Alright then I’ll start on the tournament grind.

At your level you should be completing all of the daily events first (lots of resources for those) then for the rest of the day as your creatures come off cool down grinding the tournament until you either get to dominator or your teams run out. Once you get to dominator I would stop battling personally and wait until your score brings you back into predator. Predator matches will be a much higher win rate for you compared to Dominator and any wins in Dominator just means a longer period before you fall back into predator. Stay close to the top of predator until the end of the tournament and then make a push into dominator at the end if you want to capture the unlock.


On top of what the guys have been suggesting I would say get that icthyostega to level 30 as a next step, 2 level 20s wont be of much help in tournament runs, you’ve got a few teams that can help you creep into bottom dom in the last hour

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