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My battle simulator wish list

This is my wish list for the battle simulator

  1. Make it have animation

  2. Don’t choose the CPU’s moves

  3. A mode when you can have 2 and 3 Dino’s on team

  4. Choose arena

  5. Choose the timeline day or night

  6. Create events

These are the things I want in the battle simulator @Ned or @moderators could you add these things please

Does ludia even own JWA Toolbox? I am now generally curious

I’m pretty sure they don’t. They have an about page on the bottom of the page and it doesn’t say they are owned by Ludia.

This information can answer some questions.

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Are you talking about

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But would you like to see my wish list in the toolbox

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if the toolbox was owned by ludia we wouldn’t get hard cash links…

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