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My best day in quite a while

So this happened today…

and so did this…


I think for more and more players this is the future of the game.

Sod the boosts and the arena!

Well done mate

I think i fought you maybe a week ago.(seeing now the Dimodactylus)
You made a swap in the Dimodactylous and i was staring it like an idiot for awhile.
I was wondering : …now what…? Do i fight AI or a real person???Did i push the AI Button…arghhh i can’t remember.For that reason i couldn’t decide what move to perform because i didn’t know who am i fighting,AI or real person.

Btw congratz on both

Thanks! First day in a long time I got up early to go out and hunt before work. It was nice to remember the excitement of creating and leveling again.