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My best guess on these family scents

If this means one epic guaranteed in every 120 spawns. 8.33%, >6 scents for an epic, >1200HC. Not worth it if the tagged creature is regular scent responsive.
Look to save your cash from getting swindled.

I think these percentages are per spawn. So a 3.52% chance on every spawn to be a rare. I’m not sure what the 120 means, I was wondering this too.

It actually means one every 120 seconds, since they spawn every 2 minutes which is 120 seconds. Ofc itll spawn 2/120 seconds if u move and stuff, and either way I would buy this scent for the guaranteed irri or bary g2


Oh yeah, duh… seconds!

Eeeh… yes obviously… :man_facepalming:

I got epic spino straight away from one guess I was lucky