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My best hybrid idea ever

Today I was thinking about some mergers that could generate cool hybrids, and the idea came to me to join my two favorite dinosaurs (one of them is not a dinosaur, but anyway): Spinotasuchus + Sarcorixis: Spinotarixis.
It would be one of the strongest ones, if not the strongest. Its appearance would basically be a bigger Spinotasuchus, with some kind of armor, some thorns and a more powerful bite.

I was just in doubt about the counterattack, do you think it’s a good one?

thats op lol

hybrid of 2 superhybrids don’t exist yet


It was the intention, hahaha. But do you think I should take something?

Yes, and that would be the first one, quite a strong one.

yes. It looks OP, i think reduce attack to 1400, replace ferocious impact with ferocious strike, ready to crush, or ferocious strike or any other similar move. Replace lethal wound with gashing or maiming wound

I think lowering the attack down to 1350 is good, then replacing Resilient Strike for Persistent Ferocious Strike, Lethal Wound for Swoop, and Ferocious Impact with Resilient Impact. There’s a bunch of ways the moveset could be abused, especially with that Wounding Counter backing you up.

It got better? I removed the lethal wound
as it could be too OP along with the counter attack, and added good skills for raids, also lowered its damage and health a little.

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But I’m still going to try to polish this little beauty more.

nuh uh. no thank you

One more polish. But now I’m in doubt, Group Shattering Rampage or Impact?

Or that version. But I think I prefer the other one.