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My Big Unbalance : How Bad Is It, Really?

As some of you might know, earlier I made a few statements that I would not be doing most PvE after a few weeks because of certain real life things. However after getting information from the concerned institutes, and also my common sense appealing me to use it a little more, I realised I will have a little more time per day than expected - because yes, everything will be online for the next few months at least. Thankfully I would be able to compensate the time which would be needed to travel back and forth for some extra PvE delight. :eyes:

:warning: Disclaimer : Below theories and practical testing I did is of my recorded observations from my sarcastically very well balanced Lineup. This Thread is just about how I am managing this, it is not meant to encourage anyone to unbalance the same way. Like everyone else do, I also recommend, do not replicate. I repeat, do not replicate. :warning:

Now, onto the unbalance. Here is the top of my Lineup :

Succeeding this in the next few Lineup spots are a few more max level VIP creatures, a level 40 Diplotator, level 20 Zalmonodon, 6 level 20 Dimetrocarnus, a few VIP level 30, some others that I am pretty sure I forgot to mention, and then onto the VIP 20s. Too lazy to log back in and take screenshots…

My top 3 average ferocity is around 18,000 which is a little bit similar to the level 22 Indoraptor Gen 2 ferocity.

In the Fight for Funds video that I uploaded two days back, all the opponents were roughly of that ferocity. However, yesterday’s battles, in essence the Rarity Rumble and Stakeholder’s Visit, were quite more dilute in contrast to the Fight for Funds.

This brings me to my next point. My Theory here is that for these two events at least, the Game looks a little bit beyond the Top 3 creatures, more like Top 6. The Sionsith-granted formula calculation for considering the same is left as an exercise to the reader.

…Just kidding, I’ll calculate it myself here. I will take the last battles of both events yesterday.

  • Rarity Rumble :

Opponents Average Ferocity = (14,566.4 + 14,817.4 + 17,094.2)/3 = 46,478/3 = 15,492.67

My Top 6 Ferocity = (27,147.4 + 19,095.8 + 10,099 + 9,984 + 9,855 + 9,835)/6 = 14,336.03

My Top 3 Ferocity = Roughly 18,780

Closer to the Top 6 than the Top 3, isn’t it?

  • Stakeholder’s Visit :

Opponents Average Ferocity = (15,649 + 14,465 + 15,784.2)/3 = 15,299.4

My Top 6 Ferocity = (27,147.4 + 19,095.8 + 10,099 + 9,984 + 9,855 + 9,835)/6 = 14,336.03

Again, closer to Top 6 than Top 3.

Not just this one week, but every time I play the Rarity Rumble and Stakeholder’s Visit I face opponents a lot milder than what my Top 3 would theoretically attract.

As for the Teams I brought in these battles, well they were considerably weaker than what I was facing even in regard to the Top 6 theory. The reason why I am able to manage these is because once certain opponent patterns are decoded, it is revealed to be easier than initially thought. Some of these opponent patterns have been covered in both my videos.

Onto the part where I shared tactics in earlier videos.

I will continue making videos of battle events for a few more weeks as well, because I think you will be able to visualise the strategy by seeing it in action. With this I am not suggesting that you should get used to or normalise the situation of bringing weak teams, I am trying to say that if battles like those are still manageable with such teams, then players having balanced Lineups will be able to perform even better in their regular events, or maybe Tournaments if the situation of facing a few comparitively stronger teams occurs, using those certain tactics.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day ahead! :hugs:


With these I wanted to imply, my battles aren’t impossible to do and now that I will have time to do PvE I wouldn’t have to retire from it because of how I unbalanced it. Here are the videos…

Not to worry, I won’t fade away from any aspect of JWTG very soon. :v:t2:

*Diplosuchus. :eyes:

Edit : credit to @Sionsith for the formula, realised I mentioned but didn’t tag… :sweat_smile:


I only see one problem right now, those two indoraptors, they just too stronk

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Also just like me, you a bit to carnivore heavy, try and get that Zalmonodon up there, and whatever herbivore you got.

Other than that(or my lack of experience) you should pretty decent

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Of course… It was intended actually. I at first made them thinking I won’t have time to play PvE as 2021 advances further but now that I see I can, the intention of the thread was just to show that even then I am still able to manage them.

More like contradiction to the notion that the unbalance I did would make my PvE totally unmanageable while it is indeed not as shown here. Again with this I will not encourage anyone to unbalance their Lineups, I admit how selfish I’m being… :eyes:

It fine my guy

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