My Camo Team for Fun

For the annoying teams you sometimes run into, this will be one of those. Besides teams of flocks, what other awful annoying team could I come up with?

7 of these have some kind of camouflage type move except the snake who has the evasive wounding strike. There wasn’t anything else. I’ll see how these guys do as I’m in the very bottom of Avairy right now and a loss will drop me to the Estates. I think I have a good chance of winning or at least getting a takedown or two in a battle.



Megalosuchus :wink:

Oh my gosh if I fought that team I would literally throw my phone at the wall

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I think this could be pretty cool

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This would definitely be a counter to my team.

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Losing or winning, the battles with these slothy guys are just waaaay too long.

The one thing I like about my Gorgotrebax team, even though it is weak at the moment is that whether I lose or win, the battles go really fast. Either I win fast or lose fast.
Team Trebax


Use parasauthops instead of inostrancevia

Uhhhhh yeah I got no chance with only having three creatures that nullify or pass through cloak

no other camouflage users


Indom rex?