My child is in tears

I found my 11 year old daughter distraught today after a recent poll by ludia on the next apex votes for Dino’s. She is infatuated with Mammolania. She’s a top 1000 player and refuses to replace it because she loves it so much. Honestly, she could be higher in PVP but refuses to drop it while players keep telling her to drop her mammolania. I thought she would be excited to see a new mammolania apex possibility but she was content to quit if it were to happen. You see, she loves Mammolania so much that it’s not only L30, but so is her Mammotherium and hoping to get her trio of Elasmotherium to 30. The reason for her overwhelming sadness is that the exact people who laughed and talked badly about mammolania will be able to level up their apex faster and gloat about owning an apex mammolania, the very ones who never gave it love at all before and the true faithful players lose out. Her friend quit after finally getting her Testacornibus to l30 and then finding haters of testa to quickly get arctovasilas , the very haters who verbally hated on Testa. Players have spent more dna and more cash to get their Dino’s to l30, usually over 2,500 unique dna and over 800k coins while players who cared little about the Dino, have that much more coins and dna saved while receiving a more powerful Dino. In her eyes, it’s like loving someone but them leaving you to be with all of the people who trashed it. I wish…and hope not necessarily for a dna refund, but maybe a fusion % upgrade for people who have higher level Dino’s over the requirements of say, l25? At least this will heal some of the pain of gathering so much dna bc it looks impossible in her eyes. Another idea is using gold plated “skins” to at least have players feel some kind of personal accomplishment. Gold plated skins will only be available to Dino’s who’s ancestor’s had at least one level 30 Dino. That way if a mammolania apex or a Albertocevia apex does come in the future, those who had a l30 albertocevia would have a gold plated “skin” option just for looks compared to one’s that were simply fused from l25. I think it’s a win win. Some Players won’t care a dime about skins but to those who did love to use their ancestral Dino, I think giving them a token of appreciation would do no harm. Apologies, but seeing my daughter feel this glim about the future for JWA is quite saddening.


I agree with it… I also didn’t like any of the creatures from the poll… They all are ugly and maybe terribly OP. It’s sad to see that underperforming uniques are not getting buffed but instead they’re been given an ugly OP mega-hybrid…
Apexes have lost their exclusivity, at first they were hard to create because of the raids… But now because of fusable apexes top players just FIP the ingredients and just get that apex to max in just few weeks…
Ludia should remove the concept of mega- hybrids and change the ingredients of current mega hybrids…
And remove the ingredients of Ankylos lux and Arctivasilas…
Because of the game’s conditions, My will to quit game is increasing day by day…


Removing the ingredients for anky and arc is a horrible idea. They’ll just replace previous apex raids with those two making it impossible for newer player to get the replaced Apex. If more Apexes are to come they’ll either have to be fuseable or find another system that isn’t raids because if they replace the raid that’ll just gatekeep an apex.

Plus removing them from fusing would be gatekeeping it for players that spent coins on it’s ingredients but haven’t yet unlocked it.

Also it doesn’t matter if the dinosaur is raid or not because the big spenders will just buy it from the shop.


As someone with a 30/30 gemini i agree. Id rather buff gemini than make her just another step into something that outshines it. Same for tryos with the giga hybrid/thylaconyx


I did…I had no choice as there was nothing else viable in the poll.

I don’t mind these ideas, they’re great. However I feel your daughter’s pain @Justice .

I do hate some creatures like SR G3 to the point I might never get whatever hybrid it comes out. Some like Troodon have better looking hybrids. Not really in the game for the meta, more for what I like


Ok but it seems like a weird thing to be upset about. We don’t even know who’s going to win. Also we can’t do exceptions for everyone, else there will be no new hybrid.


Anyway it looks like the sauropod will win so I wouldn’t fear the hideous rhino to come to the game.

I do agree with u that it is somewhat odd to be upset about. But… I feel as though players who have say…Albertocevia at L30 now. And an Albertocevia apex versions comes out. Players who stocked dna can start fusing it at level 25 and they can save over 2-3k in UNIQUE dna and 800k coins which doesn’t sound much but it really is a lot of time and effort. The person fusing from level 30 should get a increase in fusion % or something like a special “skin” that they are releasing in next update just to show some kind of…appreciation? It’s like…the loyalest get somewhat a blow for really loving that Dino.


Honestly this sounds more like an unhealthy obsession than a problem with the game… You shouldn’t really pin the blame on the devs for a concept you should find a way to make it a less unhealthy obsession.


Special skins would be a cool addition but I think they should be obtained by continuing to fuse once it reaches 30 since it would give the players a reason to continue fusing outside for hybrids. Maybe like 100 DNA for apexes, 200 for uniques, 500 for legendaries, 1000 for epics and 5000 for rares to unlock the skins.


I know it’s hard for kids to brush off what people say about them but if the people who are making fun of her dinos are her alliance members, maybe you should switch alliances? It’s better to surround yourself with people who appreciate and respect or at the very least don’t care what you do with your team than deal with toxic people who essentially “back seat” and want others to do things their way. There are many strange teams in JWA, I’m one of few people who still use dilo and get the laugh emoji whenever it dies in arena so I understand how frustrating it must be for your kid to endure that toxicity. I’m sure there are a lot of people who find it cool or interesting that she’ll have a trio of tanks at least, must be high up there in advantage tourneys too haha!

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I mean, she doenst have to get rid of mamolanoa if she doesnt want to. And the new hybrid wont change that. I think the game is more fun ehen we use our favorites.


Tell your kid to get good, it’s simply the way of the game.


Wow, ok I’m bad at the game :sweat_smile::neutral_face:
Honestly, congrats to her!!

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Mad props to you good sir.
I really didn’t know how to even respond to the OP’s topic. (Without getting banned anyway)
But yours is pretty close to where my mind was at.


Since Ludia changed the rules of the hybrids if anybody level something at 30 does it with a risk…isnt Ludia fault,at least not that one particularly…Am not gonna be sad for someone who made a 30 level Albertocevia…he/she did it because wanted an overpowered dino and doesnt deserve anything more than me who have it at 21


Don’t know why this is somehow an issue, as most of Mammolania’s ingredients are pretty easy to come by. Mine’s sitting pretty at lvl 30 with max boosts and I’ll happily go out and collect more DNA for it’s Apex hybrid.

Also, this sounds more like trying to have your cake and eat it too. Nobody is forced to get the fuseable Apexs, after all :man_shrugging:


The free gold part makes me wonder if there’s actually a child involved. Could be giving us their story in a 2nd person perspective for sympathy points.

But if there’s a child I think it’s the definitely on the OP… They didn’t parent their kids to the point where a game that regularly powercreeps is making their child cry over concept art

And also… A top 1000 player that hasn’t noticed any of the patterns the game has displayed so far? Even if they are 11 they would’ve noticed since it changes the meta constantly.


This is interesting and I wouldn’t put the blame on the parent especially if you yourself aren’t a parent since we truly know little of the person and the child. I will say this whole post is very strange. In all honesty, the results are not going to bend to a single distraught child and there could be children equally upset about the other possibilities. I do hope this person isn’t making this story up to get what they want.

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I have a 9 year old niece and know how dumb a child can be… But the top 1000 part just doesn’t sit well with me