My clan

Can anyone pls join my clan
Name Alphas guild
Picture hiccup mask and red backround

Tell us why we should join. What level alphas are you fighting? What are you looking for?

If it is just you, it may be better to join an existing clan.

@Talisax It’s obviously a starter’s clan, but let’s not intimidate a new guy. You are in a clan anyway, so what’s the point? He’s asking for new members here and I hardly think you would be interested in joining.

@Alpha_plays You will need a better clan description in order to inspire people to become members, and it still might not work. It’s a game of who’s got the better advertisement or fame, and if you’re not the one then it’s a game of patience. If you really are interested in constructing a clan from scratch, you’ll need to have plenty of patience in this forum and in this game, and it might take months before you achieve what you want. Wish you luck.


I know, I’m trying to get him to give more info to improve his recruitment. His clan could be just him, could have 10, could have 20. Could all be level 10 or a mix from 6 to 30. More information helps to target the right playes

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Yes, that is right. Okay then.

Guys my new one will explain but I’ll say it here I want active clan members who fight multiple times a day an alpha and it requires 2800+ @Talisax @Featherwing


Thx man have a good day

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I tried my best to do a DESC that is good and i didnt have room for more information so i tried to make it short as possible and thx