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My Clash Of Titians Reset

Hi there, I was at 22/28 progress (should be 23/28 because I completed the North America event just now) on the Clash of the Titans and after updating I am now back to zero.

And to add insult to injury, after restarting the game my North America event is uncompleted with no progress but my creatures have still been used up

Has anyone faced the same problem and do you know how to fix it if there is any way to?


Even I am having the same issue. COT has been reset to Zero…


Same issue here. I was at 18/28 and completed Dino bucks expecting it to show 19/28 but it only showed 1/28. Also completed 1 of Canada Day before closing the game. Reopened the game and clash of titans reset to zero, Canada Day reset to zero and Dino bucks has reappeared.

Can only be a problem that has to be fixed on their end.

@ImElusiveYT @Gunzz @Martyness I advice you guys to NOT lose hope. I got to level 60 for Megalosaurus on the last week and got it on last day with 3 or 4 VIP events, but you have 20 days - more than enough to comfortably finish on the last day (sacrifice just 200 or 300 bucks for cooldown if need be). Don’t worry, you CAN do it :smiley:

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Hello all, we are aware that the COT has been reset after you get the update. Please do not contact support at this time.


Also, all the dinos are in recovering mode. Can’t play again for atleast for next 12 hrs, for even half of the dinos to recover.
However, completed level 91 battle stage.
Don’t know whether Ludia will be fixing this or we have to restart again.

Pls tell me the new battle creatures…

Och, I feel bad for you guys.

I think the last time this happened, they tweaked CoT to be like 10 Events instead of 28 Events.

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@Timmah yes. I think it was Mosasaurus. But that time I was too obsessed with other games and didn’t even notice JWTG’s updates after 2015 but came back here after the announcement of JPB’s departure.

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theres nothing new in the game that we can access apart from the helpful pvp overall

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Is the victory animation still cut? Or original?

And what of the new battle stage unlocks? Pardon me for asking, just very excited but having an apparent internet problem…

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no new level cap as far as I am aware and haven’t tested the victory animations

nothing in the news tab and no new creatures available. kind of disappointing I was looking forward to seeing what the new creature are

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I am still frustrated with the network issue. Ludia will never fix this

you arent missing out on anything anyways so

And the victory animation? Lol idk why I am so obsessed with the victory animation…

not sure havent tested it

Okay… can tell me when you’ve done it :smiley:

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