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My coin is missing! (Recap)


My coin looks like it’s been reset for some reason. I hit 100,000 at least 2 weeks ago and I know the amount was rising. Now for some reason a big chunk of coin is missing from my total. Can you help me out please, I play the game everyday throughout the day. And three times a week we go on a 45 minutes car ride to babysit our granddaughter and back home. That’s when I get most of my dinosaurs is on those trips and the coin boxes.
I don’t use my coin for anything it just sits there and grows
I was going to asked how do you use your coin to increase the dinosaurs levels?!
I would appreciate any help you could give me.
Thank you,
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Hey Rosejoy, I’m sorry to hear that. Sadly, I’m not able to see the transaction history of your Coins in the game, but reach out to our support team at with your support key, and they will be happy to clarify things up for you.


This may solve the mystery! First how old is the child you are babysitting is she old enough to understand the game?

I have seen many posts here about disappearing coins and cash only to discover the culprit was a child!