My Collection: a sorting suggestion


Congratulations to the developers. This is a fantastic game and I am already hooked.

It seems like the battling facility is something that will keep this game going longer than say Pokemon go for example. So, if we’re going to accept battle mode is, for the most part, the main reason we log on - let’s put it at the centre, and revolve the rest around it.

In your collection, I think it would be brilliant if you could choose to sort by Damage, Speed or Health etc.
This would be an incredible help.


And search for specific dinosaurs - sometimes I know the name, but not the face.


I bump for search and category sorting. And Dino’s name should be always visible. The loading screen is too long to check every dino to found the one I am looking for.


Also, I liked it when it showed how many dinosaurs you have I. E. 53/101. Now it just says ‘my collection’ both left and right of the screen.