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My compensation seemed more of a disappointment

Hi there, first time poster.

I absolutely Adore this game. But due to the many errors I’ve been receiving, My purchase of the Eerie in Theory bundle was errored, and I didn’t receive my items. After contacting support, twice. I received a very generous compensation for 6 dollars. 7000 runes.

Now this is absolutely a gift horse. But looking at it. This compensation is absolutely terrible in comparison to what I was supposed to receive.

At 7000 runes I can purchase very little dragons. And absolutely none from the original pack I bought

I received half of a dragon I could have opened up. This seems extremely unfair. Losing six dollars is not an issue. Losing a chance to get my second favorite dragon is very heart breaking to game I adore.

I appreciate the 7000 runes. As it is very expensive currency. But I can’t buy any dragons for that amount. I reapect the devs decisions. But it doesn’t make it any less disappointing.

Either way, I love the game. Thank you for hours of fun.


Had something similar happen to me, with an offer of i believe 1 premium pack that was 90% off, the compensation was like 4000 to 5000 runes and a rare pack, which really bummed me out, as i want as many premium dragons as possible…

Worse yet - I joined the dragon riders where you get the big Buff. Raised it to high level and desides after a few months not to continue the riders. But when I didn’t, my big Buff was also taken! Despite I bought it when I joined - just like the runes and other I get along. But none of the other was taken - only the dragon.
Compensation - nothing worth anything like the dragon.
So don’t ever join the dragon riders unless it’s forever, cos they’ll take your dragon and probably also other things will happen, like if you have more dragons in the hangar than normally possible, then they might be removed or something (you get an additional 200 spots).

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Welcome to Ludia… I’ve spent $1000+ and I’ve had it called COMPENSATION.( Even though I paid for it) and imagine that you get 4-5 packs for the mess up, and then realize that you received nothing more than a message - I Sent 50+ emails. I just received a response from someone(first response in 6months…( The person said my account issues had already been resolved and the ticket was closed). Please Respond with a simple yes or no if anyone has had similar experiences… I have spoken with a few others that have( although many of the bugs that created them,have been fixed over the past 3updates. Thanks and good luck

I have bought a special bumdle for 6.99 and never recieved the items and i would like my item how do you actually get intouch with the peope to sort it out for you as i am fuming this happened last night


I have been trying to figure this out for over a year and I don’t have the slightest idea how to give you a reassuring answer. If, by some miracle, you are able to get a response to your queries, please post as it would be very helpful. Thanks and Good Luck!