My creature is missing

I just recognize that I had three giant Orthocones and may be three or four Henoduses.
I am not sure that there is a mistake that turn an orthocone into a henodus, or it just diappears.

I don’t have any screenshot before because I didn’t expect many mistake happened like this.

I am pretty sure because usually I play aquatic tournament with my VIP creatures, they are my limit using 3 different classes to the fight.

Have you ever got this problems before? About creatures missing?

I sent an email to Ludia support, but I dont know if they can check my creatures in detail?

I meant I used to have 3 giant orthocones., now, it is two.

Hey Zljr118, if you had already reached out to our support team, our team would be able to take a closer look at this for you once they get the chance to review your ticket. :mag:

In the meantime, please refrain from updating your support ticket until our team replies. Doing so could reset your position in their queue.


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Thank you so much, Ned.

I am pretty sure that I have 3 lv10 giant orthocones in my lineup.