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My current line up and line up in a month from now

So I want to discussion about my plan to strengthen my line up for finish in dominator.

1.Within this week I will do lv.30 megalosaurus [now I have megalosaurus lv.20]
2.Next week I will hatch 4 zalmoxes(I got 3 from battle stage and prize drop) and level up it to lv.30 to strengthen my canon herbivore [I have only lv.40 shunosaurus]
3.2 week later , I have to decide between strengthen amphibian or pterosaurs.


seems like a good plan if you can pull it off. not sure about the level 40 zalmoxes though, that is way too high in comparison to your other creatures, im assuming you meant level 30


4 Zalmoxes = lvl 30

Sorry everyone !!! Now I edited it(lv.30)

Your current team ferocity:

  1. 3561
  2. 3486
  3. 3391
  4. 3379
  5. 3334
  6. 3317
  7. 3265
  8. 3265
  9. 3194
  10. 2993
  11. 2789
  12. 2594
  13. 2572
  14. 2540
  15. 2517
  16. 2463
  17. 2463
  18. 2463
  19. 2463
  20. 2387
  21. 2220
  22. 2032
  23. 2010
  24. 2010
  25. 2010
  26. 2010
  27. 1914
  28. 1840
  29. 1779
  30. 1778
  31. 1763
  32. 1763
  33. 1763
  34. 1763
  35. 1761
  36. 1761
  37. 1634
  38. 1608
  39. 1557
  40. 1596
  41. 1549
  42. 1502

one thing i will say is that you should probably do the zalmoxes before the megalosaurus because having more good herbivores in the most important thing for you right now and level 30 megalosaurus is a considerable gap above your other creatures

You must…ah…gotten VERY unlucky with your solid gold packs…only 1 jurassic VIP.

Pretty deep team overall. Good for tournaments.

I open many solid gold pack I got mostly aquatics.So I will wait for diamond prize drop(because I really want eolambia.

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lvl 40 that Diplotator, get another lvl 30 Nunda and you need a few more herb meat shields JMO


This post is correct.

You need more top dinos before going stronger.

Good Idea I will try it so I have a problems about herbivore so because some hybrid I need to make more than or equal 2 lv.40 like I will make Giganocephalus I need at least 2 lv.40 giganosaurus and 2 lv.40 eucleocephalus before I fuse to unlock it so can you recommend any hybrid that has a bit of ferocity more than lv.40 shunosaurus (because zalmoxes I can hatch after megalosaurus finish hatch(about 3 days left).

Unay, Apat, Shuno. That’s not enough?

Believe me,the therizinosaurus is enough,and you say you need 2 level 40’s of both parents , just let go off,this will make you lose lots of resources unnessecarily when the same DNA and food could go into excellent hybrids and tournament creatures in the future.


This is very much like my post"My Line Up in a Month from now" . I did mention that the post is free for everyone and using the format of what additions and changes they expect in the time frame,they are free to discuss. If you think that might not have worked as it would become too long of a thread,I did mention Post 1 to keep updating it.

Ok . I have therizino at level 20 so I cannot get it from custom trade for about 5 days. So I can spend dna to max level it. So I have a problems about custom trade to jurassic because today 57m coins cannot trade for dinosaurs(usually not more than 42 m coins can trade legendary dinosaurs)

Unless your hatchery is empty, stop spending DNA on dinos you can get from events or for coin->jurassic dino trades.

Save the DNA for hybrids you can’t get from PvP Modded. Many of the mid game hybrids are 20K-30K DNA.

If you can’t do the coin->jurassic trade, you need more coins. It changes daily. Some days you’ll need 40million, other days you’ll need 98million. AND you still may get a trade requiring only 50million when it requires 98 million.

I posted this in the Trade Harbor thread over the weekend as I ran into repeatedly with Ceno trades.

It is odd behavior that I don’t remember happening in the past.

thanks Timmah for advice so tomorrow I will trade it again but hoping I will get normal legendary because 3 days ago until yesterday I got only rare hybrids

rare hybrids are better! :slight_smile:

How long have you been VIP? I only see 1 Jurassic VIP dino.

If you try DNA->Jurassic trades I think you’ll get a VIP for between 13-17K DNA. (But not on every offer, I wouldn’t take anything other than VIPs or discounted hybrids.)

It may be worth it in your case due to having only 1 Jurassic VIP.

I became vip 5 days ago. So in the past I opened solid gold pack I got mostly vip aquatics(about 4 spicies) so apatosaurus is the first time that I got vip jurassic.So I will wait for diamond prize drop for eombia because I feel I have luck on prize wheel.

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