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My current line up and line up in a month from now

I use the common hybrids on the common only events.

I also use them in tournaments. I select hybrid only and go to the weakest ones to battle up to Dom. Saves me so much scrolling.

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I don’t have enough to do that

See I just use commons in those events and skip past anything below a level 40 ledgendary in tournaments, I suppose if I had a lot of them I would probably try to use them in tournaments at least haha

Then you also need to work on coin production because as a non vip that is where most of your dna is going to come from.

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Yes. I also have a good bit of commons and rares I can incubate and sell

Those are peanuts relative to the DNA you can get for coins->XXX

Aquatics are very DNA expensive. Paying coins instead really helps.

Not really. I find creatures like Tropeogopterus even worse. It’s on the expensive side but definitely isn’t terrible. A great substitute for creatures like Sarco if you don’t have it unlocked.

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Yes if you compare the trope to say tapejalosaurus or carnoraptor I suppose. But in terms of dna cost your paying far too much especially with the ophiacomimus aswell.

I got lucky at the TH while everyone was getting coins to Carnos or coins to tapej I was getting coins to tropes alot for as little as 40 million coin so was well worth it.

Plus tropes alot more useful in dominator than diplotator

300 DNA. Nothing compared to huge ripoffs like Glythronax. Clearly not “far too much”.

Yeah but a microposaur is 2,500 diplotator is only a bit better than that, and true glythronax deserves a buff

@Cheeseeater hey i saw you lineup. Are you able to finish in dominator with you current lineup? Can i finish in dominator with my current lineup?

Also plzz tell me what kind of opponents do you face in mid and top predator. Thank you.

Hey @The_Phoenix level up your therazinosaur to 30 it will sit just under t rex in ferocity and will be of great help in dominator, both you and cheeseater have similar lineups so you should be able to creep into dom at last minute from top of perdator

If you view it like that a lot of creatures would be very bad.

My lineup is weaker than yours (yes, weaker) but much deeper. I can finish in Dominator quite easily.

You’re lying. I saw your lineup its pretty tough

Hes not I’ve seen @Predator_X lineup somewhere on these forums and is not much difference from yours or cheeseater, lower level creatures can be used more in dom as they have quicker cooldowns so theres that benefit to it

Ok. I have started the Spinoraptor to level 30, and it is at 70% I should have it done by the end of school. I also just saw the Para gen 2. Definitely will try to make time for it. As of now I also have half the dna needed to start on a Level 40 Labrinthosaurus

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20% discounts hot time I spent around 40,000 DNA for 4 zalmoxes , 1 Ankylodocus , 1 suprannotitan.


Nice one! I spent some dna on segnos and gorgosuchus. I really need segnosuchus as I’ve just realized my legendary herbivore line up is truly lacking. I mostly depend on my monostegos but can’t use them during Wednesday’s legendary rumble event. The new g2 pteronodon taught me a lesson…

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I dig segnosuchus.

Really knocks the birds out.

If only I had Metriaphodon (I’m missing a Metria unlock) to do the same to the amphibians.