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My current Lineup

So this is my current lineup from playing 2 months. any suggestions on what should be done to improve it?

@anon43877113 @Sionsith @Tommi @Bobby_Farmer @Jurassic_Fury
Would be really glad to hear some ideas😀


@The_Phoenix I would recommend you to go for some more amphibians, you’ll need a lot of them for Dominator finishes.

You could get a few Ichthyostegas to near around level 40, or considering your Diplotator and assuming you have enough S-DNA, go for Diplosuchus.

Also, have a few more near-level-40 Legendaries to be safe…

Legendary level 40 might disrupt your lineup so go for somewhere like 34 or 35. Ferocity will be better explained by @Sionsith


You are still at a very early stage of the game. From my point of view ferocity isn’t of such great importance as it later will be.
For now, do not evolve your VIPs higher than level 20. Try to complete as many events you can to collect all you can get. Focus on normal creatures for some time before concentrating on hybrids. Don’t try to complete in dominator in a tournament, no matter what the cost.
Check the average ferocity of your 15 to 20 strongest creatures on a regular basis.
If you keep that in mind you can not make anything dramatic wrong.


What @Tommi said. Along with that, try to have your top 15-20 creatures of similar ferocity, you don’t want your top 3 to be the only ones capable of playing the regular PvE and the rest idle.


Just more: a deeper bench with multiple copies of everything, but especially Amphibians, and then start working on a stronger bench. Bring Legendaries up to level 40; Rare and Super-rare hybrids as well as tournament levels up to level 30; VIPs up to level 20.


I agree with @Andy_wan_kenobi. Develop a deep bench. Level 40 legendaries would be really helpful for you.

Those won’t put a big dent in your DNA resources either. Play the daily events and you’ll end up with more than you can handle.

This game is really fun when you have a deep, properly balanced bench.

You’re making excellent progress considering you’re 2 months in.


Great advice as already been given out above, stay balanced, continue to collect, and have fun.

Chart a path to Diplosuchus as your fist super hybrid, since you should have a decent amount of SDNA from the last two months of event completion. But you will probably want to keep it at low levels to stay balanced but will have a great cool down time at those lower levels.


I suggest you go for Creatures which have important Superhybids and keep them at lower levels, I had Stegoceratops and Tapejalosaurus and Spinoraptor at level 20,all were of excellent help all the time. I fused Stegoceratops and Tapejalocephalus and their superhybrids led my line up in dominator alongside level 1 commons, would’ve fused Spinotasuchus next week,but something bad happened, you have a better line up than me now,so congrats.