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My dino got reduced to 0 health and didnt die

Utahsino vs tryko match… game froze on me restarted to see i had like 600. Had missed one turn in which i assume tryko had used instant invincibility.

I instant charge stun failed… tryko killed me… but he didnt while at 0 health my utahsino got another turn before tryko finished him.

I’ve seen this after a game freeze or connection drop. Any chance this was a visual glitch too?

Its entirely possible… i kinda wish i knew what it looked to my opponent cause i was like yes utahsino… whats dead can never die… but then it died next turn

Bug… Windows error

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Thats gotta be it… windows error.

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Its a bug but also why doesnt this happen to me…

Necromancy ftw




I was lucky enough to have this happen in a friendly with my gf while she was sitting beside me, i’m assuming it occurs when you load back into the game and the game can’t figure out what health you have so it shows you the most obvious number. 0. My creature still had about 900 health on her screen before she killed it.

Never had this but had a match cut off half way through said i lost turned app off went back in and said i had won got inc abd trophies aswell so im guessing visual glitch did you exit app when in battle before freeze?

I hard reset the app as soon as i realized it froze… missed a turn…

Oh ok i know when i get a text mid battle and i quickly reply it sometimes bugs out on me

I frequently get this during the first stage of a battle and it applies to both my first dinosaur and my opponents. As I understand it, it’s down to a lag issue.