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My dino swapped first, but I went second?

Friendly battle, so even stats.

Scenario: Utasinoraptor vs T-Rex. I swap out to Monostego, so does my opponent. Since Utasino is faster, I swapped out to Mono first. Screen then shows my opponent’s Mono running out after mine, as is to be expected. Game then shows my opponent’s Mono going first, even though she arrived on the scene afterwards.

I’m guessing my opponent made the swap first in terms of buttons, but surely if my (equal speed) Mono was first to enter the arena, it means that my Mono was ready before my opponent and should be attacking first?

If it’s this scenario and the rex did it faster and both monostegos were equal speed, then that should be normal. The only time when being the faster creature in this scenario matters is if you swap to an on escape creature

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Was your opponent higher level? That may be what’s gotcha there

They said it was a friendly battle

Fastest input determines a swap in of the same speed. It does not matter the speed of the previous.