My Dinos Have Negative HP πŸ˜’ πŸ™„

not my connection. please fix your servers. thanks.
awesome that this stuff happens in ranked tourny games and we lose trophies and others gain because of it.



LOL. these bugs are getting crazier…

I would be more worried about the result showing 2-2 and you have your deck full


is it full? two with negative HP?
the whole scenario is a disaster which is why i posted it.

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That is really strange @CleverBoy. Could you send that screenshot over to our support team here at along with your support key? If you have any other information that you think might be useful, it’ll help our team in their investigation if you included it in the email as well. Thanks!

What is the point of having a bug section when you have to email this stuff ?

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Hey Sprectomegakai, some bugs might have been reported before so having a Bug Reports section would allow for faster information relay between players and us. However, our team would like to gather more information from certain bug reports which can help them identify any new potential problems more quickly. Emailing our support team would allow this process to be a lot easier because it’ll let our team take a closer look into your account. There is also some account related information that players should only share with our team through email and not on the forums as well. I hope this clears things up a bit.


Ive had this happen. They showed up as negative after they were already dead. Not sure if that was ur case or not. But thats how it happend to me. I didnt bother to even care. Had no effect on the match or anything