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My dinos take too long to uncover in battle


Hi there, since yesterday I’ve been having a problem with battles, right at the start after I am supposed to choose my dino it takes 20 seconds for the cards to turn… plus, today I did a friendly battle and they didn’t turn at all and I had to go with what I got.

When I started playing the game it ussually turned after 3 seconds, then a few months back it was delayed and turned after like 8 or 9, now it doesn’t turn until 18-20 seconds have passed. If this delay continues, I could have a problem in the future.

Is there any link where I could report this? Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:


I am with you. When using my iPhone I can see my Dinos to choose in few secs but on my Samsung S8+ it takes 18+ secs (like normally in last 10 secs) I get option to choose.

And during friendly battles on my S8+ I don’t ever get option to choose starting Dino. So seems like its not my device only.

Edit: Just to inform I have this problem for months now. Not something new to me.

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Funny thing, I have Samsung S8+ as well :smile: good to know I’m not alone

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Same phone, same issue. Friendly battle openers are a crapshoot!


Sometimes it’s just the connection.
If you’re ever waiting for a game, and it’s taken more than 20-30 seconds, you are already in the battle.
Happens quiet a bit. I hope ludia is looking for a fix.


Yes same phone(s8+) same issue! I think I have this since the 1.5 update, seriously impacts the strategy in friendly battles.

As a TIP, to soften the impact, you can already hover over the dino template and it will show you which dino is appointed to which slot. In case of a normal battle/tournament even if you have limited time you can at least be as prepared by quickly selecting your starter dino.
Still far from ideal but might give you that edge back in a tight matched battle.


Same phone same problem here as well


Hey Tommy289, you can report any issues to us here at or on the forums here:
In the meantime, could you try adjusting the internet connection you have on your device and see if that helps? If you’re connected to WiFi, forget the network and reconnect back to it. For mobile networks, disable and then enable it again, this should refresh the connection.


I have the S8+ as well and I havent seen an issue with it yet…


Great, thanks, I’ll try to contact them :slightly_smiling_face: it’s not a major issue, but still sonething worth mentioning :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve had this problem, not being able to pick my first dinosaur or it’s first move, ever since the 1.5 update dropped.