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My dollars keep disappearing


I had 11 notes. I didnt use ANY OF THEM now I have 8. Wth

I had over 200 notes the other day but while I was doing something with my phone in hand, I accidentally touched the screen all over the place and bought 200 bucks worth of darts. I was so mad. So now that the GAME Is TAKING my notes, Im actually kinda annoyed. I need to know what’s happening and I need it fixed. Yeah its 2 notes, but I’m already annoyed with myself for making that stupid mistake, so stop taking my notes for stupid glitch issues or what have you. I’d like to save them again. :roll_eyes:


Hey ZvukZao, I’m sorry to hear about this and I can understand the confusion. Sadly, I’m not able to see where your cash may have gone into but contact our support team with your support key here at, and they might be able to clarify things up for you.


Yeah, my coins keep disappearing when I haven’t made any purchases, usually when I’m sitting on the map screen, or sometimes the incubator screen. And support has been less than helpful. Good luck to you!