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My 'epic' luck yesterday

I got an epic scent from yesterday’s strike tower!!
I got 1 maiasuara and 1 spino G2…

I got an epic incubator in the arena yesterday!!
Opened it this morning and got 7 sino and 390 pteranodon…

sigh - lol…

That is sooo lucky.
I popped an epic scent and got a Darwin

I found a wild golden chicken yesterday without using a scent.
So lucky.

I used an epic scent 2 weeks ago and got 6 spino gen 2s.

Waaaaaaat? :sweat_smile:

Where did you open it ?
I kind of want Darwin…

At a park.
I don’t really need Darwin so I considered it a not-so-good epic.

Doing common scents this morning, got 2 kentros and a sino. That never happens, but happy it did :slightly_smiling_face:

I used an epic scent today, got 2 golden chicken, 1 T-rex, 1 Kentro, 1 Concavenator, 1 Spino G2, awesome.