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My epic strike tower just gifted me maxima dna!

Must be my lucky day!


My epic tower gave me 398 carbo! Guess who hit 26 because of it? oh yeah…


Awesome! I’m loving all the carbo coming from these!

I got blue :-/

My incubator was perfect. Scolo, Nasuto, Turtle and maxima.


Got it too, from yesterday’s one :grin: I guess the game finally gave me something for once :smile:

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Mine was almost perfect. Got all of those except got draco instead of Nasuto. Won’t complain there though!

Boo that stinks :frowning:

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I scored some carbo on my main account. But my second account got crushed there’s no way I have the Firepower to beat those guys

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I was more worried about todays than yesterday’s due to the big maxima


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As above was a little worried about the Dentist but worked out.

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I didn’t get any Maxima, but I got Carbonemys from both epic strike towers this week. :grin:
I don’t need any Blue, so I got lucky.

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I got lots of Oogway DNA from the last 2 strikes

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I got 368 or 398 Carbonemys from yesterday’s strike.

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