My Event drop is missing


After the update my event loot drop is missing but only for me

Supply drops and Dinos different on different accounts?

My Girlfriend have the loot drop


Yeah, after the update I’m missing a few supply drops as well. There was a regular drop in my yard, which was nice cause I could collect while in my house, and a VIP drop across the street. After the update both are gone. All the other drops in the area don’t appear to have moved at all. I don’t really have anyone else nearby that plays, so I can’t confirm if this is the same issue that you’re reporting. But it sounds similar.


the bad thing is this is the only event loot drop in the city and so all event dinos have died for me because in the radius of 20 kilometers is not a single one of these loot drops


That’s crazy. A bunch of the regular drops are different for you guys as well. Weird.


yes, the dinosaurs Spawn are also completely different my girlfriend gets completely different dinosaurs displayed than me


Did you get the same spawns pre-update?


Same!!! No accessible drops from my property.


I have a similar issue. The 2 event drops are no longer on my map outside my house. However, my son’s account still shows the 2 event drops and is currently playing them.


@sparednoexpense if you thought that i and my girlfriend had the same loot drops and dinos before the update then yes everything was the same loot drops and the same dinos with us


Park near me was event drop but now gone plus 4 supply drops close to me have gone,
No dinos spawning near me now either…

Thanks Ludia


I had the same issue with my gf. We saw different stops but I restarted my game and we are sync now (we see the same stops)


I have restarted it several times but it is still the same problem :confused:


Same here, my special event loot drop disappeared, right when I needed Gorgosuchus and Kaprosuchus the most! :frowning: :sob: All 3 of the drops near my have disappeared


I am really angry most people get legendary and much more DNA through the drops and the people without loot drop are allowed to look where they stay gorgosuchus died for me and the rest of the event just because there are no event loot drops here are our only ones loot drop in the area of ​​20 - 25 kilometers is just gone and probably people get no compensation, I think


I’m just sad, of course, can not always run smoothly with such a big update but then the loot drops disappear existentially important I think it’s a pity I hope only that it will be fixed soon


I’ve noticed this too! My phone has missing special event drop but my sons doesn’t. There are new drops in different locations on both of our phones. I assumed it was because mine is an Iphone and his is android? Surely they should be the same?


Yes, after the update, all the event drops on my maps have disappeared. I still have supply drops, but no more event ones.


Mine is an iPhone too! Is that the problem?
Only the nearest 2 in my neighborhood have disappeared (145 and 705 meters distance), but now I need to go walk/cycle 2 kilometres to find 3 of them, not yet talking about the 10 for rares…


I had event drops after the update last night although some vanished as soon as my radar hit them but now they’ve all vanished from the park near me