My expectations from next update

Well here’s some of mine, would love to know about y’all.

3rd Fusable Apex.

Thor stats buffed.

Stat Boost refund token.

Campaigns course 23 where players learns the correct way of using boosts.

Friday Raids. (Saturday and Sunday, only Apex Raids.)


A: Do we honestly need a Thor buff(it’s okay the way it is)

B: Idk about 3rd fusable apex. Depends on the components.

Other than that, it’s pretty ok


Thor needs some health or attack buff. Plus It’s need one more resistance. That’ll be okay for me.

And the third fusable apex, I want to be either one of the three;
Grypo(Unique one)


Have no positive expectations and all will be well.
The fact that we’re facing the last week in Feb and still don’t have any communication about boost refund tokens, etc doesn’t make it look great. I guess the patch will come mid March.
I wish there were no more fusable Apex for the next 3 updates, so normal people may catch up with unlocking the ones we already have. But I’m not positive, there will be a new one coming along hundreds of new pesky bugs :slight_smile:

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I kinda want a Thor update now.

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Wonder how boost refund tokens are gonna work or how they would be Unlockable. We can also expect new creatures since they teased a new hybrid and one more fierce in the community update

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Thor could get 5% armor but please… no more resistances on it, it already has too many that it doesn’t get from its components like swap prevention or bleed

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Yeah Allosino got Armour so it will be better if Thor gets Armour and it’s need one more resistance :- Taunt or Rending.