My experience with the Continue issue & support

I was one of many to get stuck at the challenge mini challenge window. I was into able to pass and the game would repeatedly load.
Day#1 Two days ago
I sent them my issue and I got my automated reply. I expected a bit of a wait.

Day#2 One day ago
I got a real response. I was told they would look into this, and see if they could get me out of this issue. Of course they did warn me it may take a little time. No big deal when I submitted the issue I had told them I didn’t mind a bit of a wait. I knew that things like this happen. I mentioned I had even joined here in hopes to help with these new issues. What can I say, I’m not one for mobile games & it is a new style for me, still I found the game really grew on me! I mentioned I wasn’t going to giving up on them yet!

Day#3 Yesterday
Checked early in the day, nothing yet, but I had expected that.

Day#4 Today
I checked in again and it’s all good! Seems like a pretty reasonable amount of wait time. It could have been much worse!

I think we need to remember some things take a little time to work out. Not all issues have a quick fix. Sometimes we can delay further issues with a band aid, but healing takes time.
It’s the same with games, could be a mobile game or a PC game. If it’s a beta then expect some of these things to come up now and then.

They need time to see what issues are happening, how common it is and so much more! They need to sort what issues are priority. They need to figure out why these things happen or what tigers them, then they can find the solution & deal with these.

We can help by staying reasonable/patient. It’s frustrating on both sides. Sometimes kind encouraging words are a good bit more effective then lashing out. *We are helping a beta game progress & work out bugs. With this issue I found that applied.

I’m sure in other cases that does not apply. Often when ones money is involved We don’t wish to be taken advantage of but for these smaller bugs, we should try and be reasonable.