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So some poor kid who lives in the middle of nowhere and has to travel for three days just to reach the ocean doesn’t deserve to unlock Mosasaurus, his favorite prehistoric animal? And he can only collect them when he happens to go to the coast? How elitist of you.

This would basically be an entire half of the game made up of continental exclusives for people without access to bodies of water. I’m not talking about people who live within reasonable distance of the water but whose house happens to not he in range of it. I’m talking about people who have next to no water anything near where they live. I happen to live near a lot of water, so I’m lucky. Me going outside and driving across town to go to the beach is fair. Me having to go on vacation every time I want to collect aquatics is not. You see the difference here?

Just go to a lake.

I live next to a gigantic lake so aquatics would be great

The fact is not everyone does though.

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NEW FANMADE UPDATE: Pterosaur Tyranny! New pterosaurs, pterosaur hybrids, current pterosaur changes, pterosaur raids, and a pterosaur apex!

Pterosaurs have been out of the spotlight for quite a while now, so it’s about time we give some buffs! The three pterosaur hybrid kings, Stygidaryx, Pterovexus, and Quetzorion have all received buffs!


  • Health increased by 150
  • Attack increased by 200
  • Replaced Resilient Strike with Long Defense Strike
  • Replaces Lethal Swoop with Lethal Rampage And Run




New Hybrids:

New Apex:


  • Kronothyodon will replace Stygidaryx’s raid
  • Cryodrakon will replace Blue’s raid
  • Magventanax will join Haast Maximus as a second Saturday Raid

Here is the third fanmade update! I might start basing each update around a specific type of creature just to make things a bit simpler. If you want to see the stats, moves, etc for some of these new hybrids’ ingredients, please check the past fake updates.

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I agree with this. I live about 40 minutes away from the beach, and I’m not going all the way there every time I want some aquatics. That’s why my version is made accessible to everyone.


And some people live even farther away than that. Aquatics might as well not even exist for you in that case.

You also wouldn’t be able to get many aquatics unless you were above water instead of being in between land and sea.

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I live like 4 hours from the beach but i feel aquatics could be in lakes and large rivers 2. Unless you live in a desert then they accesible

I think I have a good compromise between the spawning points. Like the original post said, aquatics should primarily spawn on their own map. But there’s no reason they shouldn’t ALSO spawn in real life bodies of water. So on the terrestrial map (the normal map), aquatics would spawn in real life bodies of water. But on the aquatic map, real life water could be shown on the map as islands/continents, so normal land dinos would spawn in the water if you were viewing the aquatic map.

This is really nice idea. Wish it was already in game tho. I still want those aquatics. And i also want still Rexy and Toro too of course, BUT i really want the aquatics too. ludia plz let this soon happen…

I’m so sorry for the misunderstanding. I was just giving an example of a possible solution.
To prevent that issue, we do have sanctuaries and DNA donations.
But, after reading your suggestions, I believe that I will follow suite with the secondary map idea.

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No worries! It just happens that with an aquatic update being so popular that this is an issue a lot if people have thought about, and some people have expressed concern about aquatics spawning in actual water for the reasons I laid out. It’s kind of symbolic of the whole idea of an aquatic update: it seems obvious on paper, but when it comes down to it there’s actually a lot of things Ludia would have to consider or create in order to make it work. Because of that, I’m not surprised they haven’t done aquatics yet.


Last resort is really nice


There was quite some considerable thought put into this post. I’ve been waiting for Ludia to announce their intent for aquatics for years that I believe it would give that revitalized spark to this game that it truly needs, and perhaps an idea like this could steer Ludia in that direction. Good work

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Sounds like Ludia has looked into it, but found it to be unfeasible. I’m not surprised. Although OPs suggestion is probably among the best ways to implement aquatics, it basically requires doubling the size if most of the game features.

True… Very true indeed.
Perhaps Ludia should hire freelance programmers or modders for once to get some assistance?

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Well there’s issues with manpower as well as the sheer size of the app itself. If it gets too big, a lot of people that can currently play JWA won’t be able to. It may almost be better to make aquatics their own game at that point.