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My fault


If any of you hated my last topic, go ahead, yell at me, you too ludia. I broke a rule, I deserve every word you say about the previous topic.“Its your boy”, go ahead all of you, including ludia.


Hello who dis


?:sleepy: a failure.


What? Lol

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I deserve that


hey man, relax. no harm done and now that we know the issue we understand. no need to carryon man. relax enjoy the forum.


Thanks, I’m calm.


Never feel bad for entertaining us.

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There was no entertaining in that post, just offensive, stupid roleplay stuff, everyone hated.


I didn’t. When you get 100 replies in an hour it’s a win from most perspectives. I don’t want to be bored. But yeah the OP was terribly terrific. Own it though. Nothing wrong with it

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Yeah, what is op?


“original post” (in your case) or original poster in other cases

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Thank you.

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I bet @Baryonyx is going to get on this and say a word or two.:relieved:

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Don’t feel bad, I was E Tier in Brawl :sleepy:


? What does that mean


What happened? I’m curious


Tell him @Pateradactyl


in think you can explain it better then me.


That means I suck lol