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My favorite game 😍

Continuing the discussion from [Event Calendars] Jurassic World Alive | June 2020:

Was my favorite too. Until 1.7


Like Starlinger said, was amazing until stat boosts came.


My favorite mobile game… but not game in general.


Was my favourite too! @Starlinger27 @Vasyl_Russev @anon51787916 @TheGamingSpyx

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I still love this game, but it got worse, it was 10/10 until boosts, dropping it to 7/10, then in 1.8 it became 8/10, then 1.11 a 9/10. It’s still a 9/10. I hope this game becomes 10/10 again in 1.15.


Take this game and change all the dinosaurs to say… Unicorns or birds, anything you don’t care much about. Leave everything else the same, then tell me if it’s even a good game. Would you put up with all its bugs and shortcomings, if not for the pretty dinosaur animations?

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this is just a game, and of course there are errors and some flaws in it, but I recently passed a survey, this suggests that the game is developing and to help develop it and correct the error it is better to write in support and not in the commentary. and a cool game I hope will introduce new features.

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