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My favorite new arena trolling game

“Rat me, I dare you”

I put in my low level junk and drop arenas, but on the way down I leave a ringer or two on the team… If the opponent can’t just take the free trophies and rats me for no good reason other than being a jerk, I bring out the ringer and sweep them with it.

Gotta entertain myself somehow.


That’s not fair to low Lvl players. You know that, right?

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So basically you are trolling as an arena dropper against players that use a dino that Ludia provided them. You know that makes you the worst person out of the two, not sure why you are boasting here about a trolling game.


well if they use rat or procerat i’d personally say they deserve it… imo people should learn to not rely on such a poor and cheap “strategy” (or “RATegy” as i’ve seen/heard other people call it)


I support…:+1:

It’s not cool to “Rat” other players. Not cool at all.

Ironically, this kind of attitude and playstyle ruins the arena far more than any Dracoceratops does.


Below is my opinion.

It is the player’s choice which arena they wanna battle. So, I don’t see any wrong there. We shouldn’t be forced to battle in a specific arena or two. For me I decided to battle in a lower arenas mainly because of the Rat infestation.


  1. My time is precious. I don’t have time to wait to get an incubator to cook. Losing 20x in a row (battling in the higher arenas i.e. high Aviary and beyond) before getting a 15 mins incub?;
  2. I don’t like stress. The higher the arena, the higher the stress level (100% caused by the Rat);
  3. I wanna enjoy the game. I have to find a way to make the game enjoyable for me (battling wise). So, I find low Aviary enjoyable and stress free; and
  4. I don’t care about trophies and unconcern about arenas competitiveness.

I know where you are going with this but please do not do this. We can not afford to eradicate the player base any further. But it’s honestly better then the people who let the time run down and then pick a move. Former Draco user here.

I’ve dropped 1200 trophies and I’ve had the pleasure of doing it twice. It’s not a huge thing. And if they think twice about using the rat because of it, my work has been done.

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I love this idea.

I certainly take my hat off to you, it’s a great job you’re doing :grinning:


Seems like if they can defeat you without using the rat, no reason they should. So yeah, teach these people a lesson! lol


The exact deffenition of “Rategy" is as follows

**Rategy** (rat, uh, jee) noun

The act of relying on a cheap ratty Dinosaur, specifically when brought in multiple times.

By this deffenition using ProcerWrathomus rarely counts as “Rategy".

Sorry, but it’s my duty to defend the precious lives of the immune Dinosaurs. :crazy_face:

[Playfull Comment] :wink:

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If you have a grudge against players using any Rats. Teach higher lvl players that lesson. Not low levels.
I agree with @bobbymcfeen these kind of attitude is not good, never was.

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Wow! You’re a selfish person. You want enjoyment? Well, everyone wants that, including me. But killing other players for that is not the way.

Nobody is forcing you to play in certain Arenas. If you want to play in different Arenas, you should change everything according to that.

You don’t have any problem with trophies or Arena competitiveness, yet you have a problem with loosing streak? Again, Wow!

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It sounds to me like ratso_rizzo got some well dished out justice and he cant take it, if he is burned about losing 1,400 trophies and is on a loosing streak but then he proudly boasts about using Rategy to drop into lower level battle arenas just to take out his anger on lower based players just for kicks that is not cool in anyone’s language ! it seems to me that he should wise up and rebuild his team with dinosaurs that are capable of taking on the mega monsters at the top end of the aviary and higher battle arenas / levels he mentioned true.?. lol :smirk_cat: :smirk_cat: :smirk_cat:

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If because I don’t like getting ratted again and again is considered selfish, then, I am selfish. Is it fun to Rat others in the Arenas? For me it is bad and unethical to hit someone when they are unaware. So, I believe those that use the Rat to Rat others are selfish as well.

In the lower Arenas (here I mean a tad lower than my max capability), all those Rats are lunch and dinner for my Dinos. Bring in the Rat, no chance it will be able to Regen and appears again to Rat another Dino.

By the way, if you don’t agree with what others are doing, please and please do not call names i.e. selfish or whatnot. It is not cool.


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Love it!

Glad to have others join the Rat-Patrol. I have been slow-playing Rat players for months now and have also been throwing in 2 level 30 ringers recently.

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You are the prime reason why it is difficult to advance in the arena.

This is why there should be rule that states that droppers can only drop to the arena prior to the one they are on. Not drop 3 or 4 arenas down. This way low levels have a fighting chance

Brilliant idea teaching rat users a lesson in last days of rat as a cheap winner. :joy::rofl::joy:

Don’t cry then if Ludia do another matchmaking adjustment, that you won’t be able to climb back up. :grin::joy: