My favorite parts of the update


I’ve got my fair amount of things I’m not happy about, like anyone else - but I’ll leave those complaints/feedback elsewhere. My favorite things about the update -

Flying dinos look AWESOME. I love that they’re huge. I love their attack animations. I love their SIA’s. I love the way they fly around the map. They are just COOL.

I love the fact new park/special events were added! Ty so much!!! These are fantastic. Well done!

Scents: Very cool! My fav is actually the common one. Very nice to just be able to dart stuff between meetings at work :slight_smile:

Buffs to allosino and utasino. Allo is now a reliable stego counter! Yay! Thank you!!! As it should be. Uta doesn’t feel stupid weak anymore. And T2 instant charge was MUCH needed to help break up that superiority strike. Nice!!

Buff to Spinotasuchus: He was already my best counter to the dreaded indorapter. Now he’s even MORE SO. Love him!! Swoop is fantastic - especially since it DOESN’T trigger counter-attacks! Super stoked for this guy and his spot on my team!!

Stegodeus nerf combined with gorgo change - I need more data, but it seems that, maybe, gorgo survives the two-hit combo enough to take down equal level stego? Either way, stego nerf much appreciated!!!

Stegoceratops buff - yeah I’ll say it, I love it. More armor ftw!

I ACTUALLY SEE RAPTORS AGAIN AT NIGHT!! Thank you!! Went from 17 to 19 last night. Yay!!!

2 new arenas!! Really hoping this means if/when a reset happens before next tourney, it’s at 5500 instead of 3500!!! Give folks a change to spread out a bit. I’m grinding toward arena 9 as we speak, very cool!!!

V. incubator! Love this!

Pyrritator speed buff - ty!

Monomimus health nerf - ty!!

That’s what I got. What do you love about the update?


How did Stegodeus get nerfed?


Less health and dmg.


Hmmm…the nerf seems very negligible.


It was. Didnt change much.


Hp should be nerfed by at least 500.