My Feedback

Well after an evening of playing this game I hit a wall. A golden wall. Seems that the game becomes very limited very fast due to the lack of gold generation. This wouldn’t be an issue if the game had more playability but it has very linear progression.

I would like to see a couple changes if the developers see fit to take my advice.

  1. make the story line repeatable. Instead of being forced to play the same dungeon over and over again just to achieve the same results (definition of insanity …) it would be good to be able to choose to replay one of the levels already completed. This would allow players to grind out the quests (killing kobolds, defeating bosses in sharpstone keep etc) as well as gathering resources like gold. Understandably this could lead to infinite gold generation and thus limit the ability for the developers to sell gold however I’ve seen other apps use an energy resource in order to limit the amount of dungeons you can complete. This energy would recharge over time, or can be purchased, and it would be expended according to the energy cost for the dungeon or level chosen to challenge.

  2. the game needs character customization. A true DnD experience allows players to choose the stats, race and class of their characters. Each choice needs to be meaningful and provide real advantages and disadvantages as well as giving the possibility to synergize with equipment and/or skills.

Other than these above tips for improvement I think this game is very playable. The graphics are nice, the dungeon fights are somewhat fun (its wierd to be able to melee attack someone 3 squares away if they are on the adjacent row), and while the leveling system doesn’t have a DnD feel to it, it kinda works.

I’m curious to see what the final iteration of this game will be. Good start developers!