My first 24 hour incubator!


As the topic says I finally got my first ever 24hour incubator. Been playing the game daily

since it was launched!

So I just got my first 24hr incubator

Congrats! I just got my second-ever 24hr incub this afternoon! Can’t wait to see what’s inside!!


Congrats ! New to the forums , but I got my first 24hr last week and all these within the last two days. What’s comes from 12hr incubators?


Go to the shop and check out the rare incubators, its those


Congrats :slight_smile:

Every 100th incubator is a 24hr one so you know how many Arena battles you’ve won since starting!


For anyone curious I got blue from my 24 hour incubator. I only needed 4 dna for him. And also a gen2 T. rex


Out of curiosity does anyone speed up the 24 hour ones or let it go full term? I look at it as a 24 hour break from battle!

I am suffering PTSD from the fighting and need some R and R


Isn’t blue a her? :grin::grin::bikini:


Xxblue just click on the incubator you want to see what’s inside and on the page where you speed up it shows you!


Typo. Sorry I meant her


I know that, @Anthuknee said what comes from them and if you go to the store, 12 hour incubators are rare ones and 24 hour ones are epic ones


I just got my first 24hr incubator, and look who came out of it :heart_eyes:

Sorry I’m just really excited, I had zero progress on her, and yet I was lucky enough to get her :smile:

To any who are missing Blue DNA I wish you good hunting