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My first 29 Meg


It was a race between megalo and steg. If the counter was DS he would be perfect :slightly_smiling_face: either way my favorite :heart:


It is amazing :heart_eyes:

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I keep staring, that was a bit of work to accomplish :rofl:


congrats! Lvl 29 on any dino is a big deal :heart:


First of all, Congrats!!

I have a Level25 Megalo which I have stopped myself from leveling up since almost 2-3 months. I like it’s counter attack (especially after it was updated to armor piercing) but always felt there is something missing in this dino! It comes of use occasionally, but with the current meta, dies without doing any significant damage most of the time!
Wish it had something more: a defense shattering attack, distracting attack or slowing move.

On my team rating, it fares lowest compared to Indo, Stego, Tryo, Mono, even Trago!
I am planning to replace it if any of the new 1.6 dinos are better.

How does it do compared to others (Indo, Stego etc.) on your team? Do you really like it for it’s performance or just because it is your personal favorite?

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Combo of favorite and capabilities. The counter still seems to surprise some people and the damage with CI after the FS buff impresses me esp when it crits. Level 26 is when my love grew and the ingredients were available between home and work. Almost 5000 HP’s doesn’t hurt.

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Grats bud, nice level there.

Not a big fan of this dino myself but thats a lot of work and resources :slight_smile:

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Congrats :relieved::ok_hand:t2:

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Congrats, I guy in our alliance made his 30. He loves it as well


My pinning queen is at 22(needed coins to level up now) and I like her very much. Yeah, it lacks something. According to me, she needs a DSI/DSR, but not Critical impact. I cannot rely on the CI as most of the times it won’t land. Also her speed doesn’t fit her ingredients nor the description. Hopefully we will get some buff. Either way, she will be on my team. Thanks to the abundant Megalosaurus.


Doesn’t make any sense why no ds at all considering the ingredients. Every update I look with high hopes that it has been addressed and it hasn’t yet.


For sure, I too look for the same. Looks like she got most of her moves from the Megalosaurus, but nothing from Gorgosuchus.

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