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My First Blow A Kiss Feature!

I just received my first blow a kiss feature with Skylar Quinn! He responded fairly quickly :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


How does it work? Does it just pop up as a random option?

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@Karina_D they basically just send you a notification of the character that you’re talking to and in the message it says “blow a kiss” and it’s like as soon as you click on it they immediately respond back… at least that’s what I got from Skylar Quinn :hugs:


Right. So one would only notice it making a difference if one had multiple active chats going on, which most of us don’t.

Probably a cool feature for new players though.


@Karina_D Yea basically… I’m just waiting for the ones that’s offline to come back since they saying stories will be updated throughout the week…


I just had a ‘blow a kiss’ option with Alice. I see how it works now.


hi im dom whats your name

@Karina_D yea and I just received a “blow a kiss” the second time with Michael Evans but this time I had to pay 30 gems because he was thinking about going away… I thought they were going to be free but I guess with certain characters :woman_shrugging:t4:

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Oh, lame! I thought they would be free, too , since all it was doing was starting their conversation early :unamused: If it’s going going to be a paid option I’d rather wait until they start the conversation on their own.

I am not sure, but since they added this feature, they’ve also increased the natural wait time. :thinking:

This morning at 9 am BST, I finished a convo with Eve. It’s now 9:45 pm BST, and I’m sure it never took that long for matches to reply before. :thinking:

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@GoodGuyVoodoo I don’t think the time change because I still get message notifications throughout the day from majority of the characters that I’ve matched with…

@novanix yea I wouldn’t bother paying anymore I can wait for them because it’s not worth it if we gotta pay just to respond quickly :roll_eyes:

I had it once but all of my characters are offline now :sob:

I could be wrong, I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think it’s a significant time increase, just enough of an increase to make impatient people want to use gems to speed things up. :man_shrugging:

Yea that sucks :tired_face: because some of the male characters I like are offline as well

They know exactly what they doing when they know you can’t be patient that’s why we never have enough gems to spend on most characters because it’s too much…

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All of mine are offline so now I have to wait a long time. I was impatient and progressed things too quickly :frowning_face:

Don’t worry they will be back on soon especially since they said that they will have storylines updated every week… I’m hoping that’s the case :blush:

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I have 5 active matches and only one truly interests me

Yea it was like that with me at first but then eventually you start matching up with a lot more characters that you may like it tends to happen because of the storyline…