My first epic, Brachiosaurus!


So yesterday I got my first 24 h incubator… You can guess the rest of the story ^^`
I hope you get this amazing beauty soon!


Lol, it’s so big the camera had to zoom out. Or at least that’s what it looks like.


It does, actually lol. And when it wins, the camera cannot show the whole body and the head stays out


Wow, awesome find.
Would you mind show her stats & move sets?

Glad they released Brachiosaurus in this game.
As impressive as T-rex & raptors in the movies IMO.


One of the coolest attack animations in the game, seems a bit lackluster in combat imho.


Hi, thx for the comment. Yesterday I was new so I wasn’t able to upload more than one image (I tried for almost an hour) Here you have it now!


The animations are pretty cool in my opinion. Love the gentle kick of the Superiority Strike :joy:


Where did you find it? I have tried to catch one but I didn’t succeed