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My first incounter with indoraptor!

And i was oblitarated… 3-1! I so want one of these… :roll_eyes:


Level 21 Indoraptor… Riiiiiiight…
Looks fair…not! :joy:

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Uniques get created at level 21.

Common 1
Rare 6
Epic 11
Legendary 16
Unique 21


True indeed! Still, looking at his dino levels, still not really fair. Lol!

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There’s no way in hell. Not unless he’s forcing both the T-Rex and I-Rex to appear with some kind of hack. Or he’s one hell of a lucky Beta Player…but still.

Thanks abluesfan… Really useful info

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Ankylosaurus can beat Indom every time.

And now in 2019, indoraptor (or “Alita” as I call it) is even found on Lockdown and Badlands