My first indoraptor fuse was 100 DNA

I feel so balling right now being that my first indoraptor fuse gave me 100dna ! Wish I had the screen shot of it but I wasn’t fast enough not was I expecting this lol.
I had 41 dna from the movie hype attempt.

I may get indoraptor created by the end of this event after all


I hate you :frowning:


It’s ok.ill never get over 10 now because of it :yum:

So far i have had 10,30,30,20,30 +24 from the event

Seriously why would a bunch of numbers get flagged🤬


The flaggers are everywhere …


I got 80 for mine last night. Now to get another 1000 Velociraptor dna and it’s level up time! :smile:

I can’t process this right now. I’ll be in my safe place

Congrats, this happened to me once… couldn’t be for a better dino!

pics or it didn’t happen :eyes:

btw… the path to a level 30 indoraptor seems daunting
i started tonight at lvl 24, 0/250
i had 95,000 raptor DNA.
now at lvl 25, 180/300
47,000 raptor DNA left :sob:
50,000 raptors to go up a 1.5 levels :unamused:

I literally JUST fused 100 on my Indoraptor right now LOL, I wasn’t recording though and by the time I seen it was 100 and not a 10 I was too late on the screening :weary::weary::weary:

Grats btw it seems today is a day of 100s


Lol thats what happened to me with tryko.

Meanwhile… :joy:

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Well you do still have a level 27 Indoraptor so, im sure your opponents are terrified nonetheless LOL!

I know I would be :scream:

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Because they offend me…

Kidding ofcourse, I don’t believe in flagging anything other then the Pittsburg Steelers.

Haha, thanks it does keep the higher level stegodeus at bay. Yesterday I faced @Tronkun609’s indo, and let me tell you that was very terrifying :joy: A fun few matches nonetheless.

Going to be grinding some raptors tonight, been stocking on those free scents. Wish me luck on that fusing :smile:

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i turned about 1800 trex and about 48,000 v-raptor into 430 i-raptor DNA.
fusing was crazy tonight. lot of 30-60s. and a lot of 30-60s on rajaky too.
got iraptor to 25 and diorajasur to 22 :kissing_heart:

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Maybe Ludia is increasing the fuses while this Halloween thing is going on, I think they want as many people as possible to have a chance at unlocking Indo!

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Keeping the customers happy is always a good technique lol. Who doesn’t love indo. I’m even willing to blow 1,000 cash on some terror scents tonight. They definitely made it worth every penny. Hopefully I get as lucky as you with my indo fuses tonight :smile: