My first legendary, finally!

Finally got my first legendary, an Indominus Rex. I’m closing in on my second and third, a Paramoloch and Allisinosaurus. The Indominus has been instrumental getting me through Lockdown and I’m almost to Sorna Marshes. But kind of worried what I’ll encounter in there.


Congrats! Stegodeus was my first legendary followed by I-Rex. Currently bouncing back and forth between Lockdown and Sorna Marshes. Some days are good, some not so much.

With tournaments over a lot of higher LVL players are now in lower tiers.
If you go in knowing you are likely going to loose a bunch it doesn’t feel so bad lol. Just make sure you’re multi tasking while battling to soften the blow :moyai:

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When you lose, learn from it what dino make most lose and try counter it. Keep batlling and you will find where you belong. Don’t think to much for winner. Work for giga or stegod or tragod. At least tou need 1 tank to counter raptor. I sugest this 2 immune, 2 tank eater, 1 tank, 1 bleeder, 2 stuner.

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Congratulations !! It is strange that you are not close to Stegodeus, it is usually one of the first legendary ones to be achieved, although now it is more complicated due to the lack of stegosaurs.


Congratulation! My first was paramoloch personally, indominus came later, very later

Grats, hope to see your post of, got my first unique!

Congrats, man! Now the road to your first unique :wink: