My first legendary fuse!


Woooooooo 20 points! LOL


That’s 10 points better than my first fuse for it :wink:



Want to pay for T-Rex? Haha


Nah, I’m good. I’ll need the time to collect more raptor anyway. :woman_shrugging:


I just did one fuse… Guess in lucky lol! 0 to 50


Nice! Indoraptor time?


Let her get indominus first! It’s the grind of the century simply to get indominus! Than to get it to 20… Yikes!

Never mind! I missed that already at 20!

Replied to 2 different people at the same time Lol

Amy is just getting indominus and Moeen is getting indoraptor!


…U ok hun?


I was confused there for a moment!

I’m feeling much better now!


I gotcha. Glad you’re feeling better lol.


Just remember as you progress to get indominus and you only need 20 and it gives you 10 don’t throw your phone out the window like I almost did! It was like you could see all the cartoon profanity in a bubble over my head! Like this %#^%#^%#


That’s so awesome I’m very happy for you


Who? The person getting indominus, the person getting indoraptor or me for feeling better now! :joy::joy::joy:.


Please read forum rules


Why is he to read the forum rules, what has he done?


10 point fuse dna should just be removed. 10 is nothing for the grind some of these take its deflating. 20 should be the least.


It’d be nice if the average fuse was 20-25-30 and 10’s were as rare as 100’s…


Even 20 is kind of low but nothing like 10. I’ll be to scared to fuse a trex when I have seen 4 in 2 months. If I got 10 i’de quit, not to sound harsh lol.


This is one of the most hilarious posts I have come across… I hope you had a good night’s sleep :slight_smile:


Nope me has him already… needs a bit of an upgrade tho :slight_smile: