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My first legendary in JWA!

So today I got my first legendary phorusaura.

Good hybrid! :slight_smile:


What was your first legendary?

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Tryostronix, he’s been solid since I got him
and hasn’t left my team since


Mine was indy. How did you guys get yours. Mine took forever. T-rex seemed to be rare back then or maybe it was just me missing him. Now he’s super common, like twice a week.


I got phorusaura from the legendary incubator

You have that many bucks! That’s insane. Good thing it was phoru, she’s hard to get. I got mine only a few weeks ago. She will serve you well!


mine was alosino, which I got from a legendary incubator.

Allosino was almost my first legendary. I caught her four times during the event but decided to catch one indy so I ended up being 32 dna away from getting allosino. I ended up fusing indom first so she won the race.

My first legendary was Stegod like almost everyone


I had uniques before I had stegodeus. My first legendary was probably allosino or indom.


Can i see the picture

@genetix what do you mean by “the picture”?

My first legendary hybrid was Allosinosaurus, took me 2 years of grinding. Got Indom a couple hours later :grin: got those about 3-4 months ago

I recently just got my first unique, indoraptor, and its doing pretty well in the ruins.

I wouldn’t level up indoraptor. In the current meta it’s pretty bad you would be better off maxing Indom.

Every rex hybrid, bar Tryko, is useless in the current meta

Mine was Tyrannolophosaur. I remember grinding for it when it was first released, and I was very happy when I finally unlocked it!

indominus rex for me


Allosino for me since everyone was flooded with Sino dna

My is indominus rex