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My first legendary in JWA!

Can’t wait to use diloran in raids

The mammotherium raid?

Mine was tragodistis. I prized my amargoceph way too much back then. Now tragodistis just rots in my collection. It isn’t as good now compared to my other legendaries.


You’re lucky mate you’ve literally pulled out one of the best legendaries from the legendary inc.
The best legendaries currently are
Phorusaura, Alloraptor, Ardontosaurus and Monolometrodon. While Monolometrodon is relatively easy to make

2 level 15 gen 2s

Um… Dracoceratops?

oh. the only others left are: megalosuchus,nodopatotitan,gigaspikasaur,and possibly ardeniximaxima

for me monolometrodon is insane hard to make

I don’t know why for every single lvl of monolometrodon, I get an 80 or above, its like a rule.

It’s been ages since my first legendary. Indom for me. My problem with stegodeus was nodo being a night spawn


My first.


my first legendary was allosino.

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My first was Noodle!

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Mine is monolometrodon then indominus then allosino

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I’m that wierd guy who got gigaspikasaurs

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Stegodeus,like almost everyone who was here before 1.4

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mine was alankylosaurus.